Novel Lithium-ion Battery Fire Prevention without modifying "the" Battery

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NanoMist Hybrid System (NHS) Fire Protection
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EmberTech LLC : *Novel Lithium Ion Battery Fire Prevention*


In 2001, Dr. Adiga founded NanoMist Systems, LLC with a mission of developing an extremely fine mist atomization device and process as a platform technology. The device has trademarked, NanoMist® and with worldwide patent coverage. NanoMist Company's bio-contamination product is licensed and is being commercialized by a medical device industry.


In 2013, upon successful completion of NanoMist platform technology and several proven applications, Dr. Adiga founded EmberTech, LLC in order to continue R&D on fire and materials innovation. The fire protection related product from NanoMist Systems LLC was licensed to EmberTech, LLC in 2015.  


In 2015, Dr. Adiga founded NanoMist Fire Safety, LLC (NFS) to specialize in fire protection R&D. NFS Company developed a new hybrid fire protection technology, NanoMist Hybrid System (NHS) using licensed version from NanoMist Systems, LLC. NHS combines an inert gas such as nitrogen and ultra-fine water mist, NanoMist® through a patent pending special mixing and hybrid discharging injector. The technology is being marketed. NHS has other industrial applications besides fire protection in reactions under controlled oxygen environment.

In 2018, working with Augusta University, GA, a medical implant/device was invented for treating hydrocephalus (increased water on the brain) disease. This as pending trademark, NanoShunt™. The new technology avoids using VP-shunt tubing to transport water (CSF) away from ventricles. The implant device will now go for small animal studies now. The new company, NanoShunt, LLC is co-founded by Professor Alleyne Cargill Jr. MD, a Neurosurgeon and Dr. K.C. Adiga.

In 2019, EmberTech, LLC started R&D on Lithium-ion Battery Energy System (BESS) fire prevention (Sprinkler-free) using a revolutionary concept.  The company has two pending patents on this innovation. Recently (January 2020), EmberTech is discussing with Andy Lynch of Fire Solutions Group (FSG) on further developing and marketing efforts on Li-ion Battery protection (as Advisory Board Member). Tentatively, the project is Battery Fire Solutions (BFS).

A schematic of multiple companies, a family of companies fully or co-owned by Dr. K.C. Adiga are provided in a chronological order with brief missions and functions of each company.

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Team Members:  K.C. Adiga, Ph.D., Rajani Adiga, M.S, Herbert Graves, plus employees and significant number of outsourced project staff. 

​James Andy Lynch "Andy" (EmberTech Board of Advisor), Joseph Petersen (EmberTech Board of Advisor), Kelly Cole (EmberTech Board of Advisor), Joan Simunic, Ph.D. J.D , IP  (EmberTech IP Attorney), Brian Bellamy, J.D, IP attorney, Stanley Hall & Associates, Finance &  Accounting, and Danny Martin, Healthcare