Dr. K.C. Adiga is the founder and CEO of EmberTech, LLC, founded in 2013.  


Company Mission:

Conducting basic and applied research Product R&D, the general area includes: Lithium-ion Battery Fire Solutions (BFS), NanoMist Hybrid System (NHS), biomedical implant R&D (NanoShunt), numerical (CFD) and analytical modeling, and nanomaterials innovation (both theoretical and basic research).

Some specific areas of current priorities include:

Novel Lithium Ion Battery Fire Prevention (sprinkler-free):

In 2019 EmberTech, LLC started R&D on Lithium-ion Battery Energy System (BESS)  "sprinkler-free"   fire  protection using a revolutionary concept. The company has two pending patents on this innovation. Very recently, EmberTech is discussing with Andy Lynch of Fire Solutions Group (FSG) on further testing and developing and marketing efforts on Li-ion Battery protection (as Advisory Board Member). Tentatively, the project is running under Battery Fire Solutions (BFS).

NanoMist Hybrid System (NHS):

Dr. Adiga founded NanoMist Fire Safety (2015) and EmberTech, LLC (2014) to specialized in fire protection R&Ds. The company developed a new hybrid fire protection technology, NanoMist Hybrid System (NHS) using licensed version from NanoMist Systems, LLC. NHS combines an inert gas such as nitrogen and ultra-fine water mist. The company has a utility and PCT patent pending with special mixing and hybrid discharging injector. The technology is being marketed now. NHS has other industrial applications besides fire protection in reactions under controlled oxygen environment. This is now being marketed. More details can be found in  www.NanomistFireSafety.com

Biomedical (NanoShunt™) R&D:

In 2018, working with Augusta University, GA, a medical implant/device was invented for treating hydrocephalus (increased water on the brain) disease. This as pending trademark, NanoShunt™. The new technology avoids using VP-shunt tubing to transport water (CSF) away from ventricles. The implant device will now go for small animal studies now. The new company, NanoShunt, LLC is co-founded by Professor Alleyne Cargill Jr. MD, a Neurosurgeon and Dr. K.C. Adiga. The implant technology is now scheduled for small animal testing. More details can be found in www.NanoShunt.net

CFD Modeling:

Major CFD Modeling results are shown in NanoMist Fire Safety website (www.NanomistFireSafety.com), HOME page. The recent innovations are conducted for private industries and is not reported here.

Materials Synthesis:

Early work is published and patented (Please see in list publication) and more recent R&D on this are proprietary. The technology for materials synthesis and scaling is shown below.

Combustion Synthesis of Nanoparticles (NPs) and Scaling Process: For new generation sensors, energy, waste treatment, water purification, and various other industrial applications

Combustion Sysntesis.png

Solution Combustion Synthesis of Nanoparticles (NPs)

Reactants Modeling for Solution Combustion Synthesis-published in Journal (citations close to 1400)

Precursor Spray Drying to Generate Nanoparticles (NPs)

Process Scaling by NHS Spray (patented)

A Symbolic Summary of EmberTech and Other Company R&D Work

Heptane fire

Relevant Technical Resources for EmberTech R&D Collaboration

About NanoMist and Ultra-fine Mist Droplet Size

NanoMist Review

(Ultra-fine mist)

Droplet size distribution

Droplet  diameter

(< 10 micron - uniform size)

CFD Modeling of Ultra-fine Mist

Modeling equations

Modeling results

CFD simulation and experimental tests of ultrafine mist flow

CFD Modeling of ultrafine mist transport